Decorating for the Holidays on a Budget

Posted by on Friday | December 14, 2012

Decorating for the Holidays on a Budget

It’s that time of the year once again. The holidays are fast-approaching and so many things have to be done. Along with that, so many expenses have to be spent as well. But in such an economy, you may want to change your old spending habits. Even during the yuletide season, there is still a chance to save some money. And it all starts with your holiday decorations. Here’s how you can decorate your home while still staying on budget:

  • Use real pinecones
    The great thing about pinecones is that you can find them almost anywhere, even on your backyard. Using real pinecones to decorate your home is easy since all you need is some gold paint. Dip the pinecones in paint, stick them anywhere with some leaves, and that’s basically it.
  • Go wild with Styrofoam balls
    Styrofoam balls are inexpensive and can be bought in any art shop. Decorate the Styrofoam balls with glitters and paint. Enjoy designing them with your kids and let their imagination run wild on these ornaments.
  • Look for those old holiday cards
    If you keep a collection of your old holiday cards, then you may want to use them. Greeting cards are great decorations for your home, something that you can substitute for angel figurines or candy canes. Just make sure that the cards are still in good condition.
  • Plants can be used as decorations, too
    Do you grow roses on your backyard? This yuletide season, you can put your flowers to good use. This may be a bit of hassle, especially if you have to replace them from time to time during the season. But nevertheless, they can be quite the unique decor for your home.
  • Origami for your tree-topper
    If you’re having a tree, consider an origami as a tree-topper. Obviously, everyone has some unused sheets of paper at home. Origami isn’t that hard to do. The Internet is filled with information about origami, the Japanese art of folding paper.

There is no need to add holiday decors to your shopping list this season. Make use of what you have at home for your holiday decorations.


[Photo Credit: Nadya Peek on Flickr]

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